After we learned that Rebecca Black's "Friday" had been removed from YouTube due to a legal squabble, we vowed that today would be our last Friday ever. What's the point of living in a world without this video? But it's back, and better (?) than ever.

As we were tying cinderblocks onto our shoelaces this morning in preparation for walking slowly into the Atlantic, we glanced at our computer screen and there witnessed our first miracle: Rebecca Black's "Friday" is back up on YouTube, on a Vevo account. Not only that: It's the "Director's Cut"! The "director's cut" includes cameos from Bradley Cooper and Katy Perry, plus a verse by Lil' Wayne. Kidding, it's exactly the same as the original.

Update: Whoops, as pointed out by the Daily Dot's Owen Thomas this is not actually an official VEVO account—just someone masquerading as it. Which means enjoy this sucker while you still can because it's probably going to get yanked eventually.