In your bilious Friday media column: World Net Daily takes a stand for crazydom, the Page One movie dissected by everyone everywhere, Keith Olbermann's show has at least one redeeming factor, and TV advertising will never die.

  • Joseph Farah, World Net Daily editor and, needless to say, crazy nutcase, is reportedly going to sue Esquire over its jokey, parody, not-real article about how WND was recalling the wacky Jerome Corsi birther book it was publishing. The article was clearly satire because, why would they recall a book called "Where's the Birth Certificate?" just because Obama produced the birth certificate? That's crazy. In other news, never joke about birthers, they're all armed.
  • Last night we saw the new documentary about the New York Times, Page One, on the Gawker roof. It was good! Since you read Gawker's media coverage every day you should already know all of the stuff that happened to the NYT that's shown in the movie, but still, it was an interesting inside look at an interesting institution. You don't have to love everything about the NYT to like the movie, see? Then today Michael Kinsley absolutely panned the movie in a review in the NYT. Which, I guess, makes the NYT look noble, and makes Michael Kinsley look like a bit of an over-contrarian dick, which he certainly is, at times. In any case, critics of all stripes are united in one opinion: the real star of the movie is Miss Beasley, Tim Arango's french bulldog. Her boundless bounding across the ground and dogged chasing of a ball serves as a perfect counterpoint to the muddled hand-wringing and tortured self-examinations of the movie's human characters. We can all learn from Miss Beasley.
  • Or, if you're of the dissenting opinion that David Carr is the star of the film, you may enjoy this very long Tom McGeveran meditation on David Carr, and the film. Or this backstory from Jeff Bercovici. Everybody got some shit to say!
  • Among the contributors to Keith Olbermann's new show will be Matt Taibbi. I'd watch that.
  • Even though all humans spend all day on the internet now, big advertisers have no plans to stop spending bazillions of dollars on TV ads. Why? Because TV ad sales people have connections to all the best hookers. Don't believe the hype.