Boehner and Obama to Get Their Strokes On

Barack Obama, who spends all his time golfing and laughing while unemployed white people beg him for help that never comes, has somehow dragged hard-working Speaker John Boehner into his licentious hobby: The two men will golf each other tomorrow.

Actually, Boehner plays golf as much as Obama does, because that's what rich people do. They're going to hopefully come up with a deal on raising the debt ceiling. But even if they don't, there will be stroking, and balls:

Mr. Boehner has not been sounding like someone who plans to cut the president much slack. "I was watching one of these cable programs - it must have been Saturday morning, when somebody said, ‘Well, you know, if the president wants strokes from Boehner, Boehner ought to say to the president: ‘Mr. President, you can have all the strokes you want. It'll just cost you a trillion dollars per stroke,' " Mr. Boehner told a Rotary Club audience last week in Middletown, Ohio. "I thought it was a brilliant idea."

[Photo via Getty Images]