Today we watched a promo for Keith Olbermann's new show in which he talks about media bias and whatnot. So he's sort of a windbag! But maybe he's kinda right? One commenter agreed.

From skoc211:

While that ad was bordering on Donald Trump level pompousness, he does have a point. The most successful lie conservatives have ever told is that we have a liberal media. We do not. We have a corporate media that is so obsessed with appearing balanced that they've turned into glorified publicity machines who are addicted to non-stories like Weinergate and routinely ignore more important items. Combined with the fact that Republicans and the Tea Party have pushed the conversation so far to the right that anyone purporting actual liberal or progressive views is immediately ignored, derided, and labeled as an evil socialist (as if there's something wrong with being a socialist), we get a media that will spend hours and hours talking about Anthony Weiner's cock shots yet we don't hear a peep about Clarence Thomas' conflicts of interest.

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