Years from now, when we're sitting in our old-people rocking chairs and fondly reminiscing about the memes of our youth, we'll be able to remember this weekend as the moment when Kool-Aid balls entered our national consciousness—shaping our eating habits for decades to come.

"They taste like donut holes," says apparent deep-fried Kool-Aid ball inventor Charlie Boghosian, who handcrafts his diabetes-and-obesity poppers out of a batter containing flour, water, and Kool-Aid. He drops spoonfuls of the batter into his magic fryer, fries 'em up, and sells 'em by the fuck-load at county fairs. The end product has a cherry flavor and probably provides a pleasant snacking experience, if you can disregard its contents. (Maybe Boghosian does special orders using Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade and some of the other sugar-free flavors, which eliminates one health risk.)

ABC News has thoughtfully provided an instructional video for folks at home to watch. It's the talk of the Twitter today. Happy Father's Day, Kool-Aid Man!

In addition to Kool-Aid balls, Boghosian's menu also includes deep-fried Klondike bars, deep-fried frog legs, and deep-fried Thin Mints. If it isn't deep-fried, it's probably not food.

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