Doctors at a hospital in Australia wrote a letter to the editor of The Medical Journal of Australia that describes a scary new trend ravaging their country: People getting fucked up on hand sanitizer (four instances makes it a trend, right?). But one recent patient, who was being treated for epigastric pain due to excessive drinking, took it to another level:

On Day 3 of admission, the patient became increasingly drowsy. Clinical examination showed that he was rousable, and had a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 13. There were no other significant findings. Some hours later, six near-empty 375 mL bottles of Aqium Gel, an antibacterial hand sanitiser that has an ethanol content of 66%, were found by the patient's bedside.

When you're sprawled out next to six empty bottles of hand sanitizer and the doctors have to use a coma score to rate how fucked up you are... damn, dude.

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