Arizona has been having some troubles again, this time with massive wildfires torching the already barren hellscape. You know why? Because it's a desert. All you need is, say, a golf club nicking a rock, or some other painfully simple action, and boom: death flames everywhere. Or you can just blame the illegal immigrants in their pyromanic fly-by-night encampments, as Sen. John McCain has.

The old codger mused over the weekend about "areas down on the border where there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally." This was his explanation for fires destroying Arizona. What is the answer? "The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border." Just complete the danged fence, and fire will banish from the earth.

He elaborated: "They have set fires because they want to signal others. They have set fires to keep warm and they have set fires in order to divert law enforcement agents and agencies from them." Basically, they're Ewoks.

Anyway, let's see what the guy who knows what he's talking about thinks:

Tom Berglund, spokesman for the federal group managing the Wallow fire that McCain toured Saturday, said the cause of the fire has been determined as "human," specifically an "escaped campfire," meaning the campfire sparked beyond the confines of the rocks containing it.

Two "subjects of interest" have been spoken to, but as of now, no suspect has been named, Berglund said. When asked if there is substantial evidence that some fires were caused by illegal immigrants, as McCain said at a news conference Saturday, Berglund said: "Absolutely not, at this level."