The staff for resigning Rep. Anthony Weiner are feeling awfully sentimental today as they clean out the office. Wouldn't you? I mean you'd be losing your job, for Christ's sake — and there are literally no other jobs available in America!

So Politico's Ben Smith is right to label this today's saddest email:

From: Bagga, Amit
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 8:41 AM
To: Democratic Schedulers
Subject: Digital SLR Camera?

Does anyone have a digital SLR camera we can borrow for just a few minutes to take some photos of our office?

We'll return it very promptly.

Thanks very much.

Amit S. Bagga
Executive Director
Rep. Anthony D. Weiner (NY-9)
2104 Rayburn HOB
DC: (202) [redacted] / NY: (718) [redacted]

Someone should help Amit out! Just make it clear that under no circumstances can Anthony Weiner touch the camera. Because, you know... penis.

[Image via AP]