Today GLAAD took 30 Rock manchild Tracy Morgan back down to Tennessee by the ear and told him to apologize once again for making an offensive joke about gay people. But just as one controversy starts, another one begins.

Morgan apologized for the nineteenth time for making a joke that if he his son turned out gay, he would stab him. He even intoned that he might not make anti-gay jokes in his act any more. Great! May all hacky comedians who turn to easy and cruel gay jokes for a laugh learn that this is what happens when you cross the line. Now, can we let Tracy stop apologizing and let him go back to being funny?


Now that we've all forgiven Tracy, let's turn the gay gaze on The View harridan and usual gay ally Elisabeth Hasselbeck who was defending the indefensible today. Though she supports gay marriage, she rushed to the defense of football player David Tyree who said if gay marriage becomes law, the country will fall into anarchy. He's even in Albany right now lobbying against marriage equality legislation.

Hasselbeck says that he is a "godly" man and is standing behind his convictions. That's not even an argument, because Fred Phelps could be called a godly man standing behind his convictions too, and you don't see talk show hosts rushing to his defense. It takes Whoopi Goldberg and Dancing with the Scientologists star Kirstie Alley (damn, she looks good) to call bullshit on her. Seriously, Elisabeth, we know you love God and all, but why can't you stand up for your convictions and say that you disagree with him? Also, he's welcome to have his convictions, just like we have ours, but that doesn't mean he has to go up to the state capital and try to stop people from having their equal rights. He can hate gay marriage all he wants, as long as he shuts up about it.