Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme suffered a DM fail on Twitter, accidentally broadcasting a tweet meant for his mistress to everyone. The tweet apparently is a message about arranging a meeting with his mistress., according to Politico's Ben Smith.

There are no dick pics, only a boring scandal over the fact that Letreme's mistress got a job a the Foreign Ministry. But, hey, they've got to keep busy since Belgium hasn't had a government for over a year.

Meanwhile, in China, a health bureau official was suspended for flirting with a married woman over the Chinese version of Twitter. According to the Shanghai Daily, he thought it was a "private chatting tool," not a microblogging service. When a newspaper asked him about the messages he was shocked: "How can you see my microblog? That's impossible!"

Politicians embarrassing themselves on Twitter: a beautiful, cross-cultural phenomenon.

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