A 7-year-old kid in Michigan stole his stepfather's Pontiac Sunfire and drove more than 20 miles at speeds above 50 miles an hour. When police finally stopped him, he was wearing his pajamas and crying that he wanted to go visit his father. Aw, it's almost cute!

The witness who called police said that the boy wasn't sitting in the seat but standing on the car's floorboard in order to work the gas and brakes but seemed to know what he was doing, even though he was driving erratically. Does that mean someone actually taught him how to drive before this?

Police said that his mother, who works the night shift and was sleeping on Monday morning when her son boosted the car, didn't even know her son was missing until the police called. If this thing wasn't dangerous and a little bit sad, we'd say it's a sitcom episode in the making.