[There was a video here]

This morning on Fox News' doomsday cult chat show Fox & Friends, the pile of leaves and twigs stuffed inside a man's suit known as Steve Doocy spoke to a mother and son about a crazy deer that got loose in their church. Easy story, right? Wrong!

It's hard to pinpoint one particular moment in which this bizarre segment — why are we talking to these two dazed weirdos about a deer running around in their church? Is there some sort of religious symbology at work here that I'm unaware of? Someone get Professor Robert Langdon on this — goes terribly awry, as the whole thing is a strange, surreal muddle into incoherence. Maybe it's when they start disagreeing with each other. There are two sides to every deer in a church story? Or like three sides? I don't know. Something about juniper berries. Something about those.

Anyway, that's Fox & Friends! We haven't talked about this air conditioned fart of a television show in a while, so this is comes as a helpful way of reminding you that it exists and it is sad.