Joseph Brooks won an Academy Award for writing the song "You Light Up My Life." On the minus side, he was accused of being a serial rapist and his son was charged with murdering his girlfriend and then Joseph killed himself.

So, Joseph's life ledger was pretty well balanced for his meeting with ol' Saint Peter—until now. Because he left all his money to his personal trainer, rather than his kids, or all those girls he allegedly molested. Joseph, that's how crazy people act!

[Personal trainer Danielle] Radosti, 30, in recent years began training Brooks at The Sports Club/LA gym on East 61st Street, and the brunette and her husband soon became grew close to the songwriter...

"Joe was in many ways like a grandfather to us," said Radosti's husband, Christopher Mase, who found Brooks dead last month in Brooks' Upper East Side apartment

Well, as long as it was all based on mutual love and respect.

[NYP. Photo: AP]