75-year-old up and comer Woody Allen has a hit movie right now with Midnight in Paris, a summer counter-programming sleeper success that is on its way to becoming his most successful movie ever.

Paris has grossed $22.7 million so far, and is on track to pass the $30 million mark by the end of the month. That will make it Allen's second most successful movie, with only 1986's Hannah and Her Sisters ahead of it. That (wonderful, wonderful) movie grossed $40 million back then, so Paris doesn't have that far to go in order to beat it. And people suspect it will! Of course when adjusted for inflation $40 million in 1986 is approximately $13 trillion now, but whatever. Numbers are numbers!

So it looks like this Allen kid really might make it in this biz. Though, he should probably make some sorta action movie or superhero thing just to really secure his place. Hey, if it worked for Branagh. [THR]