After testing positive for alcohol use during her house arrest following a neverending string of DUIs, probation violations, and an uncontested theft, Lindsay Lohan arrived in court today wearing her most conservative outfit yet: A blue striped button-down and black dress pants. But her bra showed anyway, in the gap between buttons. Modest clothes strain to fly off her body, like misaligned magnets repelling each other.

LiLo is now in court, explaining herself to the judge. Obviously, we will be watching the unfolding news like a hawk. (Or maybe a buzzard. The kind that picks over dead flesh.) TMZ reports that the L.A. Department of Probation wants Lindsay back in the slammer, that there was alcohol present at LiLo's June 9 rooftop barbecue, and that she tested positive for alcohol on June 12 or 13. [Images via Getty and Bauer-Griffin]

Update: LiLo is guilty of "extremely poor judgment," but not a probation violation, says the judge. She has been limited to one visiting friend at a time for the remainder of her house arrest. There also won't be anymore drug or alcohol tests. Technically, she wasn't supposed to be getting tested anymore, anyway.