Today we heard the zany story of a university president, a pimping professor, and a hooker named Krispi Kreme. Good story! But why are these people in trouble? That's ridiculous, says one commenter.

From JudenChino:

Since when did we turn into the Taliban?

A bunch of old farts are trying to get some? Who cares. Why is this a crime.


"We're looking at the interstate angle and potential wire fraud," said Special Agent Rich Ferretti."

Dear Special Agent Dick Ferretti:

I bet you signed up thinking you were going to do some cool shit. Instead, you're busting a bunch of consenting adults, geriatrics, and other folks who weren't quite cut out for this thing called a day job.

When you say "potential wire fraud," does your dick get a little hard? Or do you realize that you're actually part of the problem. When people bitch about Big Government, that's you!

When you go home and kiss your wife good night, are you thinking, "man, I'm keeping America safe!" Or do you realize that you're a tool and that people laugh at you.

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