At a wreath-laying ceremony at Ground Zero, the 14-year-old daughter of a man who died in the Twin Towers told President Obama that she wanted to meet Justin Bieber. "I know Justin," Obama reportedly replied. "Maybe I could set something up."

One month later, the leader of the free world arranged for Payton Wall, her sister Avery, and a friend who also lost a parent in the Twin Towers to meet Bieber at his mob-inducing Macy's appearance:

"He just said 'Hi,' " said Payton, who admitted she was more nervous around Bieber than the president.

The girls carried a life-size cardboard cutout of Obama and were so overcome with shyness, they could barely get any words out when the teenybopper showed up. "He was really nice and is so cute," Avery beamed. "He didn't even look real."

Now that he's tied up the Belieber vote, Obama need only wait another decade or two, and he'll be elected Supreme Ruler of the Universe Forever & Ever <3. [NY Post, image via Facebook/TMZ]