Just a month after George "GeoHot" Hotz was sued by Sony for hacking the PlayStation 3, he's got a new gig: He's working at Facebook. Think of what kind of example this sets for the kids.

Hotz settled in April with Sony for cracking the PlayStation 3 so that third-party software could be installed on it. But Sony's ill-conceived lawsuit angered the hacker hive mind, sparking the disastrous Sony hackathon that leaked millions of PSN users' payment information and ended up costing the company $24 billion. Facebook better not lay off Hotz anytime soon!

It makes sense that a company founded by an amoral hacker prodigy would find a place for Hotz. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg no doubt sees a bit of his old mischievousness in the kid. He'll take him under the arm and teach him how to turn that skill set into an asset for the tech juggernaut.

Meanwhile, Hotz's fellow PS3 hacker, Alexander "graf_Chokolo" Egorenkov, looks to be headed to prison because he can't pay his legal bills. Maybe he can get a job at Google when he gets out?

[ReadWriteWeb, image of Zuckerberg via Getty]