Weep not for Charlie Sheen, who lost one of his goddesses recently: The actor has reportedly signed a deal with Lionsgate Television to develop and star in a new sitcom. According to "an insider" who spoke with RadarOnline:

"Charlie's character will be very similar to the one he played on Two And a Half Men, however the show will be a lot racier.

"Networks and cable are bidding on the show right now, with TBS being the front runner. [...] Plus cable makes more sense because it offers more creative freedom," our insider explains. "In other words the show can be raunchier and more outrageous, which is perfect for Charlie!

What would really be "perfect for Charlie," we think, is a long break from national attention, and maybe regular doses of lithium. But we suppose a "raunchier" Two and a Half Men is what the country really wants, so Godspeed, you poem-fingered fighter jet.

[Radar Online; image, of a dream Charlie Sheen had last night, via AP]