[There was a video here]

Some crazy dude has climbed a light pole in Times Square, shutting down traffic. He's apparently rapping? Police are standing on top of a van, trying to coax him down, and you can watch the live feed here. Quite a crowd has developed around Rapping Light Pole Guy, and tourists are no doubt getting the wrong impression that this is something New Yorkers do all the time.

It's strangely appealing! On some level, who wouldn't want to be screaming out rhymes atop a light pole at the Center of the Universe instead of pounding away behind a desk in a soul-deadening office? We will update as the situation develops.

Update: Police have put a ladder right up to the light pole guy. Looks like this thing may end soon.

Update 2: And, the guy climbed down. Booooring. According to DNA Info, he may have been trying to promote a CD, not revive the pole-sitting craze. So ends this episode of Stupid New Yorkers Trying to Get Attention.