In this breathless roundup we celebrate the healthy return of a 1990s staple, we ruminate on the future of the Green Lantern franchise, we ponder Twilight's power, and we watch some deleted scenes.

  • A multi-episode arc on CBS' action-jackson shoot 'em up Hawaii Five-0 might not be the most fabulous gig in the acting world, but for someone like Tom Sizemore, whose most notable credential of the last five years has been a stint on Celebrity Rehab, they might as well have just handed him an Oscar. Yes, next season he'll be playing a meddling Internal Affairs agent who gives our hotshot heroes grief. So good for him. It's a reasonably popular show, on a big TV network, all that. Respectable, I guess is the word I'm looking for. Tom Sizemore is on the mend! Now if only he could go and delete the last, oh, say twenty movies off his IMDb resume, he'd be in really good shape. [EW]
  • Should Warner Bros. make another Green Lantern movie? I mean, no of course they shouldn't, the first one, out right now, is a big stupid bomb that nobody likes. Sorry, movie. Nobody likes you, better just go eat worms. So obviously no of course not never. But Hollywood doesn't think like we smallfolk do, so they're still wrestling with whether or not to go ahead and do a sequel. I mean, making a franchise based off a first movie that nobody liked has happened before (see: Narnia, Chronicles of), but this thing wasn't just ambivalently received, it was really pooped on. So I say no, Warner Bros. I know that my opinion is of great importance to you, so there you have it. No Green Lantern. Sorry Ryan, Blake. Go find another cashcow. [THR]
  • David Strathairn is making another play for sweet, sweet Oscar, this time in newcomer Steven Spielberg's Abraham Lincoln biopic. The movie already stars Jessica Alba as Mary Todd and Chris Evans as Lincoln, and the movie was written by the Wachowskis, so you know it's going to be big during the 2013 awards season! No, I am just kidding, it's Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis and it was written by Tony Kushner. So, yeah. It's the real deal. Strathairn will play Secretary of State William Seward. Good luck David! (And good night, obvs.) [Deadline]
  • Twilight actress Mia Maestro has just been cast in Oliver Stone's big ensemble piece The Savages, which also features Blake Lively, boombalotties Emile Hirsch and Aaron Johnson, and old pals Uma Thurman and John Travolta. So, yay for her. You know what's funny though? Her Twilight movie hasn't even come out yet and she's being referred to as "Twilight actress Mia Maestro." That's how powerful those movies are! The future movies own the present. That is some fancy shit right there, StephMey. Girl you good, you real good. (Also I hate you.) [THR]
  • Deleted movie scenes time! The first is from the wonderful wistful fantasia Super 8, and features the sweet little kid asking lots of questions about Elle Fanning because he has a crusssshhhhh and it's adorable. The other one is from that Bardley Christopher movie Limitless and is an alternate ending. Is it Bardley Christopher who's in that movie? Or is it Barry Cotspur? Barney Coother? I can't ever remember which one it is. [THR, io9]

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