Back in 2009—long before Anthony Weiner sexted his way out of political office and into an ice-creamy crucible of regret and derailed dreams, Louisiana pol Joe Stagni texted a chest-pic of himself to a colleague. Now the pic's resurfaced, because that's just how sextpics operate.

A Republican city council member (and chiropractor) from Kenner, Louisiana, Stagni apparently sent the pic to the city's internal auditor, Annamaria Pizzolato, two days before Christmas 2009. Included with his thoughtful holiday smartphone-present was a message headlined, "I'm n trouble-serious conversation wwife." Reportedly Pizzolato forwarded the pic to the city information technology director and, in doing so, deposited it onto the city's server—where it rested peacefully until it was discovered and circulated.

Now the picture is literally punching the whole town in the face. "He has given the City of Kenner a black eye, and we are focused on this when we should be focused on more important issues," said one councilmember, who simply could not avoid discussing Stagni's picture with the media, there was no alternative.

For his part, Stagni didn't use publicly funded property to pursue what he now apologetically calls "an inappropriate but consensual relationship" with Pizzolato. Maybe sexual harassment was an issue; for now it remains unclear, as Pizzolato isn't commenting. For reasons unknown, the mayor of Kenner fired her last September. What a drama show this is!

First elected in 2006, Stagni was voted "Legislator of the Year" by some group in 2008. Hmm, this guy also was elected legislator of the year by a group. Maybe if you're a politician and somebody tries to give you awards, turn them down? Otherwise, you'll probably get into some sort of trouble.

[WDSU, Image via WDSU]