NewsweekBeast editor Tina Brown was on Morning Joe this, uh, morning and was asked about the controversial new Newsweek issue that imagines Princess Diana at 50 if she were still alive, complete with a creepy Photoshop on the cover. Despite the criticism, Tina still likes it!

Here's what she had to say on Morning Joe earlier:

Uh huh. It is a saddening thing, truly. And if it's a saddening thing for Tina Brown, just imagine how big of a saddening thing it is for, like, Diana's kids. Clearly William and Harry have never caught themselves wondering what it would be like for their mother to still be alive, so it's a good, noble thing that Tina Brown stepped in and imagined it for them. Complete with a fucking Facebook page for the paparazzi car crash victim and everything!


Tina Brown is still pretty happy with this ghoulish waste of time, though. Just in case you were wondering if she was having second thoughts or something. [via FishbowlNY]