Because there are too many shows about teachers and scientists and artists and hobos out there, one network is boldly doing a show about lawyers. Also today: a doctor becomes a ghost dad and Joe Rogan is back, ladies.

  • Better With You actress (so you know she's good) Jennifer Finnigan has just been cast on the USA pilot (so it's been confirmed she's good) Wild Card, which is about "two very different lawyers." Ha. Shouldn't that just be the name of the show? Two Very Different Lawyers. And we'll change Franklin & Bash to Two Very Similar Lawyers and the world will make sense again. And then in the fall we can look forward to the premiere of Several Very Sexy Doctors and maybe Three Very Harried Career Women. Haha. Two very different lawyers. It's like the "Two bad neighbors" thing from The Simpsons. So strange and almost foreign in its odd simplicity. Will they show ads for Very Bad Trip 2 during Two Very Different Lawyers? I hope so. [Deadline]
  • Speaking of fantastic television, James Tupper, who has appeared on Several Very Sexy Doctors and Three Very Sexy Nurses, has been cast as the father of Emily van Camp (from One Very Sexy Gregory Smith) in her new show Revenge. He'll only appear in flashbacks though, as his character is dead in the present tense. Hence van Camp getting revenge. Very Revenge. [TV Line]
  • Joe Rogan has been officially confirmed as the host for the new version of Fear Factor, which makes sense because he hosted the old version of Fear Factor and the world has yet to produce a new version of Joe Rogan. So old Rogan it is for new Factor. Presumably he'll be mostly the same as he was on the old show, just a little more wizened and enlightened by the passage of years. It's that accumulated life experience that will help him best push personal trainers off of cliffs and feed bugs to aspiring swimsuit models. [TV Line]
  • Don't worry, Brad Pitt is coming to rescue you from the jungle. Well, provided you're one of those people that were held hostage by FARC rebels in Colombia for like fifteen years. Warner Bros. is putting together a movie called The Mission, about the rescuing of those hostages, that it would like David O. Russell to direct and Brad Pitt to star in. So they're aiming low, I guess. I mean, a high aim would be like "We want Paul W.S. Anderson to direct and Josh Duhamel to star. But, sigh, I guess if we can't get them, we'll go with Russell and Pitt. If we have to. Oh, wait! What are Brett Ratner and Gerard Butler up to? Can we get them? Oh gosh I hope we can get them. Anyone but Russell and Pitt. Anyone but them." [Deadline]
  • When you consider that everyone on The Voice is gay and then read an article about The Voice's ratings that has the headline "The Voice Continues to Top Tuesday," you just have to say "Girl, who is Tuesday? Is she that sad little twink that was throwing up at Splash last Monday? The Voice is a good friend of mine and I do not understand why he is running around with that bubble-butted little mess." You just have to say that. You have to say that loudly and forcefully. Try it. [THR]

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