Today we heard that all the gay professors are biased, according to a survey of Texas college students. Who are these young people who are always crying bias? Well, some of them are young libertarians, keened one commenter.

From Lexigraphigal:

I'm getting tired of these 18 to 25 year old libertarians - they don't quite get that their philosophy is as much of an unobtainable utopia as Marxism, and also I'm sick of their Heinlein worship. If I hear anything more about Lazarus Long I will scream!

Yeah they are kind of the worst! Always on about Austrian economics or some bullshit because they read one book.

But maybe it's unfair to call these overconfident youths libertarians, warned snacktastic:

Someone should write a guide to wannabe libertarians. They can call it: "Libertarianism: Not just a conservative who wants to smoke weed."

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