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School's out! And what better way to celebrate than with a dip in the pool? Just make sure there aren't any dead bodies floating in it! For two days!

Because, see, that happened in the state-run Veterans Memorial pool at Lafayette Park in Fall River, Mass.: Thirty-six-year-old Marie Joseph died in the pool on Sunday and wasn't discovered until late Tuesday night, after days of... being in the pool. Apparently, the staff and patrons of were less than diligent with respect to the body-checking aspect of pool enjoyment. As were, apparently, the neighbors whose nine-year-old son she was watching!

Police say Joseph was watching her 9-year-old neighbor at the pool on Sunday when she apparently had an accident sliding down a waterside.

Family friends tell FOX25 the little boy told lifeguards that she did not come up from above water but no action was taken.

Yikes! All of Fall River's pools have now been shut down, probably so that they can look for bodies. We don't really even want to think about the logistics of this situation, but to help make sure this never happens to you, here's a helpful "pool fun" checklist, courtesy us:

  • Is there a dead body floating in the pool?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is "Yes," do not swim in the pool.