Stow your valuables, hide your children. Recalcitrant glamour icon Lindsay Lohan is once again free to move among us, after serving just 35 days of home confinement at her Venice, Ca., townhouse. The original sentence for — quick, what was it? BZZ! Too long. "Pleading no contest to misdemeanor necklace theft" is the correct response — was four months in jail. So how did that become a month of lounging at home, during which she managed to violate her probation by testing positive for alcohol use? Because "she's a nonviolent offender and there are budgetary issues and jail overcrowding," a spokesman for the sheriff's department said. Of course! Those crowded jails. Big problem in Lindsay's Venice townhouse. (It's actually more of an '80s high-ceilinged apartment covered in paintings of herself. But whatever. It's overcrowded, 'kay?) [People, images via Getty and Bauer-Griffin]