The good news: the chief financial officers at America's 500 largest companies saw their pay increase by nearly 20% last year, to an average of almost $3 million. That's a recovery we can all get behind. Here's to you, gents.

The bad news: Britain is paralyzed by a huge strike of public sector workers protesting pension cuts, an entire generation of Greeks are watching their financial future disappear, Lloyds Banking is laying off 15,000 workers, and, here in America, we're inflicting the most stringent fallout of our national poverty on those twin scapegoats, prison inmates and farm workers. In this wageless recovery of ours, the only real investment strategy is to hoard cash and wait for this all to blow over. (If you had any cash.)

So, we'd characterize the news is mixed. But wait... you can still enjoy a Dave & Busters instant summer Play-cation even if you're on a tight budget? I think the scales have been tipped. Towards America!

[Photo: Patrick/ Flickr]