You know how sometimes you and a friend are in the middle of stealing someone's power tools when suddenly you get the urge to "make love" to them, plus also pepper-spray them a little? You do know this, right?

At least one couple out there does, because it is their story. While allegedly burglarizing a garage in Hillsboro, Missouri, they decided to stop filling up their bags with power tools and DVDs and do sex to each other. In the midst of their illicit act of passion, the woman-half of the couple decided to pepper-spray the man, then fled the scene in his car—which she then drove into a pond. Meanwhile, the mate ran down the street after her, wearing nothing but a raincoat (not a condom, but an actual raincoat). Police found him running down the road and arrested him.

If you're an inquisitive person, you might have several questions about these raincoat sex burglars and their story:

  • What was the pepper-spraying all about? Was the woman simply curious about how her partner might react? Or was she just bored with the sex and didn't know how else to communicate the message?
  • How did she end up driving into the pond?
  • Were the perps a couple prior to the burglary, or was there something about being in that garage—maybe the smell, or the sight of all those tools—that led them to acknowledge their mutual attraction?
  • Where did the rest of the man-burglar's clothes go? Or maybe he showed up wearing nothing but the coat?
  • Was it actually raining?
  • What were the DVDs? Did they (try to) steal any good ones?

Feel free to answer some of these questions yourselves, in the comments.

[KSDK, via Fark. Image Ralph Hockens/via Flickr]