Despite the fact that our entire global ecosystem is set to collapse into one big festering pool of chlorine at 6 p.m. on August 12, 2018, American are not in any "rush" to let it affect our spending habits. The latest "earth-friendly" product we're telling to fuck off and die: anything refillable. That's not American.

Refills are in wide use in Europe, where landfills and expansive pantries aren't as plentiful. American consumers, in theory, also should like them for the potential savings and the eco-friendliness from the smaller containers. Containers and packaging generated about 72 million tons of trash in 2009, nearly one third of that year's total municipal solid waste, according to estimates by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

They just haven't caught on. "Refills have had mostly five decades of failure," says Mr. Flickinger, the consultant.

Have fun with your refills, Europe. Here in the USA we squirt a bottle of Windex once, then blow up the Windex factory. That factory is used. We don't do used. We do new. America, motherfuckers. We would personally see to it that "refills" have another five decades of failure, if our planet was going to be around that long.

[WSJ, photo via AP]