In your finally Friday media column: Col Allan's anti-leaking rampage, The Baffler returns, UK papers kill their international editions, The Wrap infiltrates Reuters, and the Times Square light pole guy's media stunt backstory.

  • New York Post editor Col Allan is on an anti-leak rampage, according to Adweek! They say Col "fired one of the city's top police reporters" (know who? Email me) for leaking, and grilled other reporters on the issue. What a prick. Hey, a good way to get back at him would be to leak stuff to us, Post reporters! Just something to keep in mind.
  • The legendary indie mag The Baffler is back! Again!
  • Oh gee, we've been hearing all about how the Brits are going to take over the US media, but look: both the Guardian and the Observer are going to stop publishing international editions. I guess you could say the web is an international edition, but that would go against my earlier point, so don't.
  • Sharon Waxman's The Wrap is now going to be Reuters' "primary entertainment news source," replacing The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. I expect that Reuters readers will soon be learning much more about why Nikki Finke is the enemy.
  • Interesting media synergy: the guy who shut down Times Square by climbing a light pole there earlier this week to promote his rap career also jumped a barrier at the Today show in February, also for promotional purposes. Guess what: it worked.

[Photo via Sans Peur/Flickr]