Remember reading about the Former Majority Association for Equality, the nonprofit that bequeaths $500 scholarships to white male American scholars whose academic goals are possibly being thwarted by oppressive browns and womyns? Well, they began dishing out the dough this week—and one state's white males seem to be getting special treatment.

Consider the existing evidence: Its most recent scholarship recipient, aspiring physician's assistant Brendan Baird, is from Texas. The first scholarship winner, Daniel Crotty, is from New Braunfels, Texas—a town some of you might know for its Schlitterbahn and snake farm. The association itself is based in San Marcos, Texas—not very far from New Braunfels. Hmmm.

Is the Former Majority Association for Equality biased toward white males from Texas? It's too early in the group's history to make any official determinations, but given that two out of five promised scholarships in this cycle have already gone to Lone Stars, it does seem possible that white males in other states are being discriminated against. (Two other named victors either hail from or study at schools in Ohio and California; as for winner #5 ... ?) Some people regard Texas as its own country, which suggests that this favoritism, if it persists, could be considered a form of ethnic discrimination in itself.

Bonus fun fact about the Association: "The group's vice-president, Marcus Carter, is black. There are also two women and an Hispanic man on its board." So it's not racist!

[My Fox DFW]