Just after New York approved same-sex marriage, the Brown Coffee Company of San Antonio, Texas (does Texas allow same-sex marriage?) posted a Twitter that seemed not-so-coincidentally homophobic. People got mad, so Brown's clowns took that Twitter down and apologized. But they weren't sorry for long (ka-ching)!

The tweet—"No human law can ever legitimize what natural law precludes. #SorryFolks #NotEqual #WhyBother #ChasingAfterTheWind #SelfEvident"—was posted about an hour after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed NY's bill into law. Some people saw it and called for a boycott; one NYC establishment, RBC NYC, said it wasn't gonna use Brown's coffee no more. Brown apologized on its website—but not before owner Aaron Blanco wrote a prior post claiming that the tweet was really all about "CLASSICAL PHILOSOPHY and LAWS," the Express-News reports:

[B]ut somehow people began to twist what was written and added their own lies to the post to mean that somehow we at The Brown Coffee Company are hateful, homophobic, intolerant people," the blog reads. "Those are not the facts and we regret that this has descended into something very ugly based on other people's incorrect reading of the Twitter post."

Then all these people suddenly started coming in and buying coffee and stuff, so Blanco took down the apology (by accident, he says) and put up an essay called "He Smiles" instead. Some excerpts:


For a while Tuesday I considered closing the cafe for a day or a week to let this crud blow over ...but then I figured, why? Why do I need to do anything differently? I know who I am. I'm not any of those things any of those people said about me. And so we opened our doors like normal. And something very normal happened. People came in the door and they bought coffee. Lots of it. Extra bags of it. Extra rounds of it. They bought coffee gear, empty jute bags we have lying around and extra packs of coffee filters. They bought drinks for people they've never bought drinks for. They bought Brown shirts for themselves that they already owned. They bought practically anything that wasn't nailed down. And they smiled. And it was good. And there was much rejoicing.


Thank you to all of you, those who tend to agree with my worldviews and to those who don't, who came and supported us out of the principles of free speech.



Thanks to all of you who showed us that while personal beliefs are, well, very personal, they do not have to be buried or compartmentalized ...


Thank you to all of you, those who tend to agree with my worldviews and to those who don't, who came and supported us out of the principles of free speech.

Wait, I thought the original, offending tweet was about CLASSICAL PHILOSOPHY and LAWS. Is Blanco suggesting that all the people who got angry at him did so because they disagree with his beliefs on CLASSICAL PHILOSOPHY and LAWS? Were all the supportive people buying up the Brown shirts because they were like, "YES brother, I support your 140-character worldviews on Aquinas"? Did his "#NotEqual" hashtag not refer to gays, but to schools of philosophical thought he thinks are bullshit? Hmmm.

In response to the Brown Coffee incident, the folks at the coffee culture website Sprudge have started a #YesEqual campaign—an online collection of photos depicting people wearing the #YesEqual hashtag on their person. If you go over there you can learn how to make a gay-friendly paper hat for yourself and your action figures. Sprudge is also trying to give a boost to Equality Texas, which lobbies for the LGBT community in Texas.

Man, who knew that people in San Antonio were so passionate about philosophy? Maybe since Tacoland closed, all they do is read books now.

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