The current field of 2012 GOP presidential candidates is pretty boring. You've got several grouchy old men, a pizza magnate, and a walking anal sex joke. So why not a white supremacist? Sure, the GOP has noted xenophobes like Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, but they lack the panache of an openly racist candidate. But that could soon change, as 1990s throwback David Duke prepares to embark on a tour of 26 states to feel out his chances of putting the "white" back in the White House.

Besides Duke, several other "racial realists" — among them Neo-Confederates, Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and other assorted "white nationalists" — have their eyes on government offices across the country. Don Black, who runs the Stormfront white power message board, told The Daily Beast that he likes the Tea Party, but bemoans the fact that they're little bitches when it comes to being tagged as racists:

Black says the Tea Party's influence spurred hopes among his ideological soulmates-but that the initial excitement has given way to a realpolitik sense that the Stormfront crowd will have to go it alone. "Many of our people are involved in the Tea Party," says Black. "But much of their leadership is skittish when it comes to talking about racial realities. The Tea Party is a healthy movement but many are too conditioned to run like scared rabbits when called racists."

Black added that white supremacist candidates are also realistic about their chances of being elected to office: "It's impossible to get into the Senate or Congress but state legislatures or smaller offices can work." Another angry white man, the Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement's Brian Culpepper from Tennessee, told The Daily Beast, "We have people working with the most recent incoming class of freshmen in the House [...] And they don't even know it." Nice. And maybe their strategy of flying under the radar will work or, in some parts of the country, they don't even need to. Either way, a David Duke 2012 campaign will be, uh, interesting to watch?

[Image via AP]