As if Icelanders don't have enough to worry about — a virtually non-existant economy, frequent volcano flare ups and disturbing ways of celebrating husbands — the parliament is set to debate a new law that would make cigarettes only available by prescription. And here you are whining about how hard life is now that smoking in Central Park is banned.

If passed, the law would take effect over a 10-year span, first outlawing the sale of cigarettes in stores and making them only available in pharmacies, and then eventually making them prescription-only. And that's not all. Some want to take on a scorched-earth policy in Iceland's war on smoking:

The proposal also suggests that tobacco smoke should be treated as a carcinogenic substance, and that it should be restricted in a similar way to other known carcinogens, because of the known effects of passive smoking.

[Guardian; "Bjössi smokes" via Flickr/siggimus]