Comedy Central announced that it will air a roast of trainwreck Charlie Sheen in September. This is a really dumb idea. Does anyone care about him at all anymore?

I don't think so. Sure, he still has tons of Twitter followers, and people are still talking about what is going to happen with Two and a Half Men, but who wants to tune and watch Charlie Sheen be harangued by comics for two hours? The man can barely even string together a sentence or three to defend himself, and he's probably pissed off the comedy writers who can help him come up with some half decent gags. Anyone who wanted to see him flounder publicly probably already shelled out some money for his live show. And Charlie Sheen is the world's easiest target. Making jokes about Charlie Sheen being a mess is the comedy equivalent of making jokes about Donald Trump's hair. Oh wait, Comedy Central's last target was Donald Trump. Keep aiming high, Comedy Central.

[Image via WENN]