An 83-year-old Upper East Side woman is up in arms because a rude sanitation worker fined her $100 for throwing a bag of newspapers in one of those green trash cans that can be found on so many New York street corners. But did she do something wrong?

The cans clearly say "No household trash," and a sack of old newspapers sure sounds like household trash to me (or better yet, something for the recycling bun). But that doesn't mean the worker should have taken 25 minutes to fill out a summons, spoken harshly to the woman, and threatened to throw her in jail. This is a nice old lady! You should be nice to her while giving her a ticket and then help her cross the road. In fact, you should always be nice to old people in New York. Always. The strangest thing about this article is that apparently the city has a "platoon" of people responsible for enforcing litter laws. Really? Then all of those people need to be fired, 'cause they're picking on nice old ladies rather than, you know, helping with litter.

[WCBS, image via Getty]