Today we laughed at all the chumps and suckers (chuckers? sumps?) who waste their time at film school. But wait, is that unfair? Is it a waste of time? Well, that depends, reasoned one commenter.

From The Hitchhiker:

Considering film school? Here's a very quick questionnaire designed to help gage your potential for success in this industry.

1. Are you or your parents elite wealthy?
2. Is your father or mother a notable name in the entertainment industry?
3. Are you an attractive female/gay(willing?) that can easily forget about uncomfortable sexual situations?
4. Do powerful people in the entertainment industry owe your father or mother a huge favor?
5. Were you one of the first few hundred people to put your (quality) work on the internet?

If you can answer yes to one or more of questions 1-4, congratulations within an amount of time (to be determined by level of your answers) you will find yourself a prominent job in film/tv. Also depending on the level of your answers the amount of "hard work", if any, will determine how long it takes you to "prove yourself".

If you strike out on 1-4, an answer of yes to question 5 MAY give you a chance if you can somehow work towards a "yes" response to question 3. However keep in mind that the time frame for success cannot be determined as it is based on the prominence in the industry of the individual that screws and/or rapes you.

Yes, I understand that all of the great directors & producers that you have grown up watching all started out as nobodies that proved themselves into glory. Those days are unfortunately long gone. Look at it this way, you know how a large percentage of the richest people in America seem to be old men who dropped out of the 3rd grade & ended up being billionaire business moguls somehow? That was then and this is now.

So there you have it. Film school explained. Case closed.

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