Remember the guy who took the world's most expensive pee, 21-year-old drunk Oregonian Josh Seater? Well, how about instead of laughing at his misfortune you thank him for keeping America safe from goddamn terrorists hell bent on poisoning our water supply. This young man's pee has reignited the debate about the safety of our water supply.

You might remember from the days of post-9/11 hysteria when we were warned of this very threat — bad men dumping Anthrax and yellow cake and whatever else into our drinking water. Well, it's a scare tactic that just won't die! The AP reports that the same guys who sounded the poison water alarm are taking Seater's $36,000 pee as a chance to get their names back in the news:

"You can use your imagination. If somebody wanted to do something malicious, they could," said Richard Luthy, a Stanford University professor of civil and environmental engineering on a trip to a California reservoir.

Luthy and others told congressional panels after Sept. 11 about the vulnerability of infrastructure including water systems. Federal authorities ordered security evaluations, and water systems around the country have added fences, surveillance cameras, officer patrols or other measures.

But other scientists say it's basically bullshit. Like University of Maryland Professor Gregory Baecher, who told the wire, "If I were a terrorist, this is just not one of the easiest things to do," citing ohter "soft" targets around the country, like buildings and such. In other words, you have a higher chance of dying from human shit-tainted water than you do from radioactive jihadi water.

Officials in Oregon are still debating on whether or not to slap Seater with the bill for draining the reservoir at Mount Tabor Park in Portland. How about instead of punishing him, they thank him for saving American lives?

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