This cross-dressing A-lister likes to pick up guys at clubs, but insists he isn't gay. This actor is making his wife sign away her rights. And this actor was dating three women at once. Three must be his lucky number.

1. "This A list actor (mostly A list in the 90′s) loves dressing up in women's clothing and having one night stands with men he meets at clubs, but he tells everyone he is most definitely not gay." [BuzzFoto]

2. "Which major TV star tells anyone who will listen how madly in love he is with his wife—but recently made his spouse sign "quit claim" deeds [sic] on their TWO mansions over to him so she can't claim the properties if they split up?" [Blind Gossip]

3. "When I tell you later about this couple having sex, your jaw will hit the floor. You just would not expect it in a million years. This happened in the very late '80s and very early '90s. This permanent A list actor who has not really done anything lately to continue to merit that status was dating three actresses at the same time. One actress became his wife. One was someone who would help him with his kinks, and our actor has a lot of them. The other was an actress who was just starting out at the time, but is now pretty close to A list and once actually was. Much like Hugh Hefner, our actor would rotate the three throughout the week, and often throughout the same 24 hours. Apparently he really liked the newcomer, but she thought he was way too old for her. So, she moved on and probably regrets who she moved on to almost everyday." [CDaN]

4. "Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab has just started airing, but the producers already have their eye on a recruit for Season 6. She is the ex of someone who was previously cast for the same show. The show really seems to be stooping lower and lower for celebs, so this woman would certainly fit in there. Although she comes from an entertaining family, she has always wanted the spotlight to shine on her, so reality television isn't too big a leap for her. At this point, the only thing that's holding up negotiations is that the recruit is demanding a bigger paycheck than her ex received. Perhaps being on the show will help her get a clue about her part in creating an unstable family situation." [Blind Gossip]