Human embodiment of irony Chris Hansen—the To Catch a Predator host caught on camera appearing to cheat on his wife—also sexted, claims the National Enquirer. Did he learn nothing from his TV show about the value of concealing evidence?

The Enquirer set up the hidden camera sting that caught Hansen having sleepovers with Florida news anchor Kristyn Caddell, a former NBC intern and woman 20 years his junior. Now, they say Hansen was downright Weiner-esque:

Kristyn showed close pals a couple of steamy photos that Chris took of himself and then emailed to her. The photos were taken shortly after the first night Kristyn met Chris in a bar and went back to his room for a night of sex.

One of the images shows Chris standing in a hotel room in front of a large mirror. He's wearing only a white bathrobe that's completely open—showing off his entire chest and midsection—with one hand concealing his genitals

The photos were obviously intended to be erotic and make Kristyn hot but they came across as sort of cheesy—and even made her laugh. She cracked a couple of jokes about his size and sexual performance.

Taking a seat in the booth in the corner, Hansen presented himself with transcripts of the sexy messages he sent to the nubile blonde. He broke into tears, alternating between pathetic begging and stern reprimand. "Did I think I wouldn't get caught? No, please, I'm misunderstanding my situation! But these are my sexts, are they not?"

As always, anything the Enquirer reports must be taken with a grain of salt until you actually see the photographic evidence. But if he was cheating long distance (which, it should be noted, is still an "if") then what's the chance that he didn't sext? [National Enquirer via Daily Mail, images via Facebook and NBC]

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