[There was a video here]

Famous uterus Bristol Palin spent some time at Hell's nail salon, aka The View, this morning, and boy could Barbara Walters not stop filthy talking to the poor breed mare.

Look at Babs go! "Didja fuck? Were ya stoned? Didja fuck again? Huh? Huh?" Cool your jets, Babs Walters. Just cool your jets. Remember that you're on television and that people are watching you, huh?

I'd almost feel bad for Bristol, if only she hadn't, y'know, made the goings on in and around her vagina her chief selling point as a Celebrity. This is what you signed up for, Bristol. A lifetime (or, realistically, a few years' time) of old ladies wearing six pounds of pancake makeup pointing at your crotch and saying "Did he stick it in? Did'e? Did'e? Did'e stick it in right there?" Hope it's worth it.