Rhonda Hollander, a traffic magistrate in Florida, was arrested last week after she barged into the men's restroom at the West Regional Courthouse in Broward County and took cell phone pictures of a man peeing at a urinal. That is one seriously kinky fetish!

The cops found Hollander in the courthouse and took her into custody. She admitted to taking the picture but claims that since it was a public restroom there was no expectation of privacy. First of all, that is totally what a lawyer would say. Secondly, I have used urinals of all shapes and sizes, and even at the most open ones, there's at least a little bit of an expectation of privacy. And a crazy lady barging in and interrupting your stream is still way worse than some errant pecker checker looking for a cheap thrill.

As the cops took Hollander away, she continued to snap pictures of her intended target. She then started taking pictures of the police who were handling her, and even threatened to bite one's finger when he pointed it at her. What is wrong with Rhonda Hollander? Maybe she just really liked what she saw?

[NBC Miami, photo via Broward County Sheriff's Office]