Women: why don't they go out and get a job? In a time when our nation's rents are rising, it might be kind of nice—I'm just saying—it might be kind of nice if someone in this apartment with a vagina started bringing in some income. I'm just saying.

But instead, as usual—and I'm not making any "value judgments" here, I'm just saying—as usual, men are out doing the work while women are lounging around at home and, apparently, buying luxury cars.

Since the recent recession ended in 2009, men have added 768,000 jobs, while the number of jobs held by women has fallen by 218,000, according to [a new Pew Research study].

And moreover, men are taking more and more jobs in fields like health care and education that have traditionally been dominated by women. So not only are we the only ones getting jobs around here, but we have to do your jobs. Yeah, that's cool. No, it's fine, I mean, it's just... forget it. Let's not even start.

[WaPo; photo via Shutterstock]