Today we heard that a racial slur lawsuit against American Apparel had finally been settled. Seems someone was repeatedly called "the N-word," which is not good. What is good is that the comment inspired this, uh, inspired comment from a reader.

From athodyd:

"Your Honor, the word in question first was used down in the Deep South, falling out between the dome of the white man's mouth. It's been said that it means the litigant will never grow—"

"Wait, what word?"

"You know the word, d—Your Honor. Other members of his community think it's crummy. But my client doesn't, and neither do the youth, because they em. Brace adversity, it goes right with the race—"

"Brace? You mean embrace? Why are you talking like that?"

"Your Honor, I'm trying to do a thing here."

"Well, stop it."

"Your Honor, I start to flinch, as I try not to say it—"

"I remind you that the only Tribe Called Quest song that is admissible as evidence in the United States court system is 'Bonita Applebum.'"

For reference.

[Photo via Getty]