A shooting spree in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has left seven dead, including one child. The suspect, 34-year-old Rodrick Dantzler (pictured), is currently holed up in an apartment with at least one hostage.

The bodies were found on Thursday between 3:38 pm and 4:20 pm ET, at two residences: two adult women and a 10-year-old girl at the first, and three adult women and a man at the other. The shootings reportedly stem from a "domestic issue" between Dantlzer and one of the female victims at the second location.

After fleeing police, the suspect forced his way into an apartment off Interstate 96. He's since placed two calls to authorities, in which he's indicated that he's armed and has hostages. The Grand Rapids Press has live coverage.

UPDATE: A third call was just placed in which Dantzler said he had two hostages, a man and a woman. Police described him as "highly agitated."

UPDATE 2: Dantlzer has just demanded a Gatorade, and threatened to kill one of the hostages if he doesn't get it.

UPDATE 3: The female hostage has been released 20 minutes after she collected Gatorade and cigarettes for Dantzler. Dantlzer told police he's held up "his end of the bargain."

UPDATE 4: Dantzler has shot himself. Both hostages are safe. [Grand Rapids Press]