The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Nancy Grace, the fiery legal commenter who has seen some ratings success hosting shows like Casey Anthony Right Now, Target: Casey Anthony, The Casey Anthony Report and Casey Anthony: The Devil in 3D on CAC: the Casey Anthony Channel. (Check your cable listings.) But for those of you who feel she may have, say, crossed an invisible ethical line by exploiting this one case ad nauseam for her own personal and financial gains, make no mistake: She absolutely did. But she says she didn't.

Well I know that a lot of people hate me and say rotten things about me, I know that much. I mean sure, ratings are great, but my contract is not tied to ratings, and I do not have incentives in my contract that are ratings based. I don't have any incentives period in my contracts. So, to me, this is a story that transcends TV ratings. I've never really considered myself a TV person anyway.


[THR, photo via Getty]