The new monthly jobs report is out, and guess what? Unemployment is up to 9.2%, the economy only added 18,000 jobs (one-tenth of the number needed to find jobs for all the poor saps entering the workforce right now), we created 44,000 fewer jobs than we thought in April and May, 14.1 million Americans are out of work, and roving bandit gangs are lighting tire fires in the street outside your house right now.

It's cool though—Obama's got this. He just gave a brief statement saying that, although the economy is facing "tough headwinds" he's "gonna work together to get things done" like "streamlining our patent process," which along ought to create like, what, 800,000 jobs? Yeah, I think 800,000.

"I'm ready to roll up my sleeves," Obama concluded. Good thing, too, because the sleeved approach wasn't really gaining any traction.

[Photo of Obama this morning via Getty. Chart via Calculated Risk]