Here's the new full-length trailer for Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Steven Spielberg's upcoming performance capture movie based on the beloved Belgian comic series. Now that we've seen more of it, are we still as wary? Sadly more so, actually.

I've already griped about the cold creepiness of performance capture before, but I'll say it again anyway because it really stinks. There's some kind of uncanny valley thing happening with these movies — which film actors doing all the blocking and acting and stuff and then put computer people over them. (Well, it's more complicated than that I'm pretty sure, but what am I, a computer surgeon?) I understand that the economics of making a hand-drawn animated movie might not be worth it these days, and I also understand in a vague way that a straight-up computer animated version of Tintin wouldn't quite work somehow, nor would a live-action version really, but I still can't believe that this creepy hybrid stuff is the best way to go.

When squinting, parts of this are rather pretty, but when the "camera" goes up close to reveal those gleaming, lifeless eyes and unsettlingly inhuman movements, all beauty falls away and all that's left is apocalyptic techno-horror. At least for me. Maybe I'm a sad old Luddite who is standing athwart movie history yelling "Stop!", but I will not stop yelling about this! Or at least talking in an indoor voice in a whiny manner. Be glad you don't have to listen in person, basically.

What do you think? Does seeing more footage hook you in or push your further away?