A long-lost gospel album that presidential candidate Herman Cain to have recorded in 1996 has hit the Internet. This could prove to be Julian Assange's most consequential leak yet! Or maybe it was just an upload from a Daily Caller blogger. In any event, this is a great discovery for rare music collectors who've spent years, combing through seven continents, looking for this gem — a magnum opus which settles every doubt you ever had about the ability of music to inspire.

We have not listened to the whole album, but were able to pick up on a few themes. Cain approves of this fellow, God, and his son, Jesus. God is good, Jesus is good as well, they are in general net positives for society, tra la la la la. The keyboards have that sort of bouncy, metallic tinge that you'd hear on autoplay when loading a Geocities page in the '90s. So sure, this guy can be president.

[via Matt Lewis; image via AP]